What are Hooded Towels?

Hooded towels are quite simply towels that have further cloth added to 1 corner to create a hood. They are a useful and important accessory for infants and small children.

When a baby is born, the nurse quickly covers his or her head with a blanket, and soon after makes certain the baby’s head is covered with a tiny hat. This is important because infants can lose a whole lot of body heat in a short period of time when their heads are uncovered. Hooded towels can assist keep the baby’s body temperature from dropping.

Since body temperature can rapidly lower, especially after a shower, hooded towels are the perfect bath time accessory for keeping baby cozy, comfortable, and healthy. Some mother and father even use hooded towels as blankets to envelop their infants and make sure that baby stays snug. These towels come in shiny colors and cute designs, equivalent to bunnies, puppies and ladybugs, so baby has something interesting to look at. They are additionally available in designs that complement baby clothing lines, so your little one’s attire could be completely coordinated.

There are various different types of hooded towels to choose from and they are available in sets to match with different layette items. These sets make nice items for expectant moms. A large set might include a hooded towel, a receiving blanket, a sleeper, a baby washcloth and a bib. It’s also possible to find smaller sets that include only washcloths and matching hooded towels.

Hooded towels are additionally good accessories for toddlers and children, not only to warm them up after a bath, but in addition for use after a dip in the pool or the lake. Since hooded towels are available in numerous sizes for bigger kids, you can find full size hooded towels that any child will recognize and enjoy. Additionally they come with trademark characters and other designs, so that they make taking a shower more fun.

Many producers offer hooded towels with the option of personalization. Your child’s name or nickname can be added to the towel in stunning embroidery.

Since hooded towels are made especially for babies and children, they’re made from additional soft terrycloth with tiny loops. Bigger loops make for a considerably rougher surface and are greatest used for washcloths and hand towels.

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