Spiritual Expansion – Just What Metaphysics?

Once we awaken to self and clean up our houses (our temples -mind and body), the awakening a lot like being at any party and then there are any huge selection of people and everybody is drunk except you can. You are the only sober person in the party. Most humans commence to see the world through their emotional wounds, through their emotional poison. Here lies of course of not being awake and aware.

Now, of course, after many existences of aimed towards matter, on things, using a physical, and „believing using what you see”, at a point a realization arises: could something more and more? This is when the focus starts becoming explicitly (or at least partially explicitly) spiritual.

I have found 3 springs so totally! One was Aylesford their UK, one out of Wanaka in New Zealand and now one in Cortes De La Fronterra! It is very exciting and this always makes me feel that I am going back in the past!

If you ultimately choose not to believe in the actual existence of 'something else’, you may easily. It’s fine. However, what is won’t disappear just when you don’t trust it. They will just, well, kind of pretend it’s not there, to comply with your belief.

These people were probably operating from masks themselves. And for that reason of living out their years behind a mask; couldn’t bear to see a person the mask. Therefore carried the same or similar behaviour to how much they had familiar with their early.

A parasite has to rely around the sustenance of one other to survive and this emotional mask is exactly the same. However, what keeps the emotional mask in place is fear.

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Once start to authentically know the company you are and celebrate that, it won’ longer seem acceptable to undervalue for yourself. And that is the great thing! We standard valuable within our own unique ways and it’s time to honor it again. As an added benefit, the more you value yourself, much better others will value you.

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