The Etiquette of Flags

We also provide Grave Markers, Stick modern garden flags, and Memorial Flags. From custom designed banners to American flags, flagpoles and mailbox covers, The Flag Store Sign and Banner has whatever you’re looking for. A man holding a sale sign in front of your business? Very few attorneys have the answer for that requirement except to instruct you to perform the searches required for compliance, and yes, figure a minimum of another 30 minutes added to the time of your sale if you search all the sources yourself. Just completed and added another Royalist cavalry regiment to my Cropredy Bridge 1644 collection. IR13 Itzenplitz regiment – first battalion, with two Minden 3-pound artillery in support. This is the first battalion of the Itzenplitz Regiment, numbered IR13 in the Prussian establishment. First of all, the Catalan/Galatan diplomatic legacy is already arrived in Monte-Cristo and has just been installed at Paris H. Palace Hostel. On the battlefield meanwhile, a Catalan/Galatan quick reaction (2nd turn) has taken the Two Crowns by surprise, thanks to having gained initiative, thus being able to reinforce a couple of uprisings, besides of promoting a few else. His rather nice flags have prompted my sudden enthusiasm for my own Banner work, having had a bit of a turn (which necessitated an ambulance ride) recently I have had to give painting a bit of a miss, my hands and eyes don’t seem to work on the same plane, dimension „what have you” and general Tom Foolery on the computer has been keeping me active and sane so why not sit down and work out flaggery.

The Principality weblog has been improved both in appearance in functionalities, so that the National Library has now a page of its own, and is proud to announce to have increased its collection with a plate of Spanish/Hispannic naval flags. Besides of those plates directly related to the Principality itself, I have now online again a couple of plates else: for the Kingdom of France theone, and for the Kingdom of Spain the other. It has been a useful exercise in determining which elements work together and layout, for instance I have had the Coptic image for some while (in B&W) and it was nice to get around to colouring it and seeing if it would work for my flags. Hi, just a short note to acknowledge to anyone eventually interested that, while in the process of refurbishing The Defiant Principality blog, I’m taking advantage for restoring some flags and uniforms plates hosted there that went missing –whatever the reason why. Allow me a few comments about the development of the defiant Principality of Galatea birth campaign. These flag plates have been uploaded into our National Library page, along with those already existing on Land and Sea flags of Galatea and their neighbours.

Last weekend the great, mystical and blog shy von Goutstricken shew’d off some flags he had made for his Wineburg-Reisling forces which are gathering for an upcoming iNation campaign we have in the pipeline. There are 6 different plates, one of which for Horse squadrons, another 4 devoted to Infantry of the Line and a last one for Citizen Militiae. I was going to post some of these pictures last night, but my camera battery died and needed to be recharged. I don’t think I’m going to give David Linienblatt (NBA) any sleepless nights but they didn’t come out too bad, Dave’s still going to get my work. 1. Think about the actual size of the flag. You will probably find that locating a flag company on the internet will offer you better prices, styles, sizes and service, in addition to working with you to design your custom-made flag. If you are not open to learn things then teaching will never be done effectively. I’m concerned with all the things about him that suggest a lack of devotion to America. While shopping for the Flag Display Case or surfing for Flag Pole Suppliers, in spite of regional differences, insist upon the Made in America brands!

While I don’t know how it works for other blog program, most of us are with Blogger and I can tell you how to accomplish it for that program. The Legate Marquis de Vilana is now resting in his rooms while waiting for a Presipapal reception at Palace (chronicle already written and available here). One of the major invading Two Crowns’ armies have been cut supply lines (chronicle to be written shortly). If you scroll down the list of our personal blogs on the right you will notice that some of us have have our Imagi-Nation flags displayed instead of the usual „Blogger B”. Not sure just yet which regiment this will be – I need to find my GMB Flags and choose a suitable one. Flags are from GMB Designs. These are the signs that will warn you to stay on your guard. When seeking for these amazing telescope viewers, striking a worthwhile attention through reading everything pointed out over this guide will surely lead you to a desirable choice.

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