Everything you could know about Hong Kong visa necessities

While Hong Kong was colonised by the UK for over one hundred years, it was handed over to the People’s Republic of China in 1997, inserting the island back under Chinese rule. Remaining a Special Administrative Area though, visa necessities for Hong Kong are different to those for mainland China.

This signifies that folks from round a hundred and seventy different nations all over the world can visit Hong Kong visa free for intervals ranging between seven days and a hundred and eighty days, while you’ll still need a visa to work, study or live permanently in Hong Kong.

A coastal island situated just south of China, Hong Kong is a world financial centre with the world’s sixth highest GDP per capita, and Hong Kong helps round a third of the overseas capital that flows into China.

Rich in history, Hong Kong was colonised by the United Kingdom in 1841/42 and, apart from a quick occupation by the Japanese throughout World War II, remained so till 1997, when it was handed back to China.

This can look complicated, as Hong Kong has retained its own language (Cantonese fairly than Mandarin) authorized system, currency and passports, and there may be still a decent border control between Hong Kong and the Folks’s Republic of China. This is because Hong Kong is a Particular Administrative Region and will remain, to all intents and functions, a separate country for 50 years from the handover.

As a monetary hot spot, and a former colony, Hong Kong has a thriving expat community, and with its stunning modern skylines, blended simply with traditional Chinese architecture and exquisite beaches and coastline, continues to attract many as a good place to live.

Getting A Visa – Necessities For Hong Kong

For those who’d like to move to Hong Kong to live, work or study, you’ll must get a visa earlier than you arrive in the country. For many expats, the visa for employment is most related, and while if your company is sponsoring your move to Hong Kong, a lot of the administration of your visa will be taken care of for you, it’s essential to make positive you know your visa requirements for Hong Kong and any limitations to them.

Whichever visa you need, it’s a good suggestion to check with the Chinese Embassy for the latest information and the requirements and documentation you’ll need before applying.

Hong Kong work visa

For those moving to Hong Kong to work, a visa must be applied for under the General Employment (GEP) Policy. This visa is usually issued for a particular time interval and also you’ll must have a confirmed job provide to apply. The Hong Kong immigration department will require an announcement from your employer describing the position and they will then assess your application. Their evaluation will be based upon your qualifications (looking at whether or not you have got a degree and professional skills and expertise), your salary and working conditions (to make positive they are comparable locally), whether you’ll be contributing to the native economy, and proof that the corporate have been unable to find a local person to fill the position.

When you’ve been approved under the GEP policy, you may convey your partner and dependants who are under the age of 18 with you, and your spouse will be allowed to get a job in Hong Kong without the need for an additional work permit.

Different types of visas available include:

Hong Kong student visaIf you’re going to research in Hong Kong, you will must provide official paperwork earlier than and after your application for this visa to be completed.

Examples of these documents include, an acceptance letter from the university, proof that you’ve sufficient funds to pay the tuition price and price of dwelling bills during their stay.

Hong Kong training visa

In accordance with the Hong Kong immigration department, this visa allows entrants to stay in Hong Kong for a limited interval (not more than 12 months) for training to acquire „special skills and knowledge not available within the applicant’s country/territory”.

These applications may be favourably considered if there isn’t a file of great crime, the applicant has an agreement in place with a sponsoring firm that’s well-established and capable of providing training and there is a signed contract between the parties.

Visa for entry for investment (to set up or be a part of a business)

This visa is for those looking to set up a business or start funding in Hong Kong. To be eligible for this visa, applicants are required to show the following:

No criminal report

A very good training background

A viable business plan in place, including enterprise turnover, financial resources, etc.Visa for entry for residence as dependants

For those applying for a marriage visa in Hong Kong, a duplicate of the wedding certificates and proof of a genuine relationship between the applicant and sponsor will have to be provided.The Hong Kong ID Card

Under the Registration of Individuals Ordinance, all residents of Hong Kong who are aged 11 and over are required to register for an identity card, with the exception of genuine travellers who aren’t permitted to remain for more than 180 days and the aged, blind and infirm (this have to be approved by the Commissioner of Registration).

There aren’t any charges charged for new cards, which must be utilized for within one month of your arrival at any Registration of Persons Office. You’ll must take documentation with you together with your passport and visa and it’s greatest to check the paperwork you’ll need with you before your appointment.

This card is essential – used as proof of legal residence and showing that you are allowed to stay in Hong Kong for a sure period. What’s more, should you’ve had a Hong Kong ID card for seven consecutive years, you may have the option to apply for everlasting residency.

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