Prime Ideas for Acquiring a Hong Kong Employment Visa

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As Hong Kong has long been considered an attractive destination for professionals to develop their careers, it is understandable that so many people would apply for employment visas under Hong Kong’s Normal Employment Coverage scheme („GEP”).

Foreigners should not really feel intimidated, because the Hong Kong employment visa process is well documented, clear, and easy to complete. In this article, we will provide tips about how one can maximize their probabilities of obtaining a Hong Kong employment visa.

Gather the Vital Supporting Documentation

This tip may sound simple, however it is often overlooked. The most prevalent reason for why employment visas are rejected is when the application lacks ample documentation to support the applicant.

For instance, many candidates assume that a doc evidencing a job provide is enough. However, assessors will typically seek advice from an applicant’s training background, reference letter, and relevant work experiences to find out whether or not the individual has ample qualifications to fulfill their role.

In the event that the Hong Kong Immigration Department requests for additional data, which is very common, candidates will typically be given 2-three weeks to provide the outstanding information. Within the occasion that the applicant fails to meet this deadline, the Immigration Department will close the case and the applicant will need to file a new application – definitely not a chooseable path when hoping to start a new job in Hong Kong.

You Need a Qualified Hong Kong Company to Sponsor Your Employment Visa

An employment visa application can only be approved if the sponsoring employer is a acknowledged Hong Kong company. In different words, the corporate must have been incorporated in Hong Kong.

Even when a company has operations in Hong Kong, applicants should make sure that their employer has a Hong Kong business registration license and is able to demonstrate a good reason why a neighborhood candidate can’t fill the job opening. Some examples of documents that could help this are job advertisements, CVs of unsuccessful candidates ,and interview records. In addition, the sponsoring firm should keep a good ratio between local and overseas hires.

Consider Professional Help

In the occasion that a work visa application is rejected, submission of subsequent work visa applications will be more and more difficult. As such, one of the best probability of acquiring a work visa is on the first attempt.

To keep away from any situation where a resubmission is required, applicants can consider engaging a professional firm to help in the process. Most professional firms are experienced at dealing with Hong Kong visa application procedures, and can advise as to how assessors will interpret every application. They’ll typically also help to submit the application on the applicant’s behalf.

Understand What Individual Qualities Can Improve the Possibilities of Getting Accepted

The Hong Kong authorities will assess each work visa application on a case-by-case foundation to determine the merit of every applicant. Specifically, assessors will study every applicant’s professional qualities to see:

If the applicant possesses a great educational background, or has documentary evidence of their technical qualifications, related professional abilities, achievements, and experience;

That the applicant’s remuneration package is in line with the prevailing market standards in Hong Kong;

There’s a high likelihood that the applicant can provide a positive contribution to Hong Kong’s economic system and society.

Plan Your Employment Visa Application Ahead of Time

The Hong Kong Immigration Department will typically require no less than four to 6 weeks to process an employment visa application. Nevertheless, this process can only start as soon as they have obtained all requested documentation. After all, if assessors have questions concerning the application, the timeline could be prolonged further.

Because of the size of time concerned, it is advisable to have the application form and all doable supporting documents ready at hand when applying.

Bonus: With an Employment Visa, Your Spouse Can Also Get hold of a Hong Kong Visa

Applicants who’ve successfully obtained an employment visa can also apply to carry their partners to Hong Kong through a dependent visa. Dependent visas are designed for the fast family members of international nationals who hold a Hong Kong employment visa. In other words, these visas are essentially for relocating families.

Eligibility for this scheme is determined by an applicant’s ability to demonstrate that there’s a real relationship between the holder of the Hong Kong employment visa, and the applicant for the dependent visa. Dependent visa applications should even be able to demonstrate that the holder of the Hong Kong employment visa is able to help their dependent’s life in Hong Kong.

Normally, the dependent’s visa and their size of stay will normally be linked to their sponsor, in this case, the unique applicant.

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