Hong Kong Visa Policy

This page details Hong Kong’s visa policy — the various rules and laws that govern the requirements for each nationwideity to visit the Hong Kong Particular Administrative Area (HKSAR) of the Individuals’s Republic of China (PRC).

Due to its history and political status (the „one country, systems” policy), the immigration and visa policy of Hong Kong is separate from that of the remainder of the PRC.

Though the HKSAR is officially part of the People’s Republic of China, there are immigration checkfactors between mainland China and Hong Kong, where passports and visas are checked.

Citizens of mainland China must have an Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macau (also known as a Two-way Permit) unless they’ve proper of abode within the HKSAR.

Near a hundred completely different nationalities require a Hong Kong visa in advance with the intention to enter the HKSAR. These could be acquired from a Chinese diplomatic mission, similar to an embassy, within the traveler’s dwelling country.

Nationals of 2 countries are required to finish Pre-Arrival Registration (PAR) for Hong Kong prior to touring to the Particular Administrative Region.

The PAR form must be completed online, avoiding the need to go to an embassy. Hong Kong PAR applications are typically processed very quickly.

Visitors from over a hundred and forty nations and territories could enter the HKSAR visa-free for a limited interval of time. The utmost size of keep varies in keeping with the nationwideity of the traveler.

See beneath for additional information about the requirements for traveling to the HKSAR in line with the Hong Kong visa policy.

Tourist Visa Policy for Hong Kong

Vacationers from overseas visiting the HKSAR as a vacationer might require a Hong Kong tourist visa, depending on their nationwideity.

There are 2 Pre-Arrival Registration systems for nationals of two international locations to visit Hong Kong. These PARs permit entry to the HKSAR for the aim of tourism, as well as for enterprise, transit, or household visits.

The requirements for a Hong Kong PAR depend on the nationality of the traveler. Both types can be obtained by completing a easy on-line form.

A consular vacationer visa for Hong Kong is required for visitors from round one hundred different countries. The foreign national should visit their nearest Chinese embassy or consulate with the intention to apply.

In line with Hong Kong visa coverage, citizens of over a hundred and forty international locations are exempt from visa necessities when visiting for the purpose of tourism.

Nonetheless, the time such visitors can spend in the HKSAR without a Hong Kong visa is limited. For some nationwideities, this limit is as short as 7 days, while others can spend as much as a hundred and eighty days. The keyity of visa-exempt nationwideities can keep for a most of 90 days.

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